You want to have your master thesis written by a ghostwriter?

Our academic ghostwriters for master’s theses create a completely finished template for your scientific master thesis – exactly to your specifications and wishes.

Each of our works is unique and will be completely re-written for you personally. No templates, no phrases, no plagiarism!

Welcome to Akademix: The Ghostwriter for the Master Thesis

Those who want to keep their chances in the labor market and possibly study in an area where there is a rigorous competition between each other, in which every detail is important. At the end of your studies, when writing the Master Thesis, an Akademix ghostwriter will help you as needed – we will create a complete template exactly to your specifications and wishes.

At Akademix, you will only receive one-of-a-kind copies, and each master’s thesis will be independently and completely rewritten by a ghostwriter. No templates, no phrases, no plagiarism – the quality guarantee of Akademix, which lets you sleep soundly.

What speaks for hiring a ghostwriter to write a master’s thesis?

High scientific standards, narrow time windows and sometimes a topic that you do not like at all – such and other factors certainly play a part in considering, after the stressful writing of the bachelor thesis, leaving the master thesis to a ghostwriter. Because let’s not fool ourselves: The labor market is flooded with graduates, so that companies sometimes have a free choice, with particular focus on the content and evaluation of the Master’s thesis. If you choose a topic that may be of interest to the prospective employer, it often opens an important door for you and can claim your advantage over competitors.

In short: writing a master’s thesis is much more comprehensive and complex than a bachelor’s thesis, here you will be required all the skills you have acquired during your studies. And yet many find it difficult to put a red thread in their work and to deliver a 70- to 90-page master’s thesis, which is holistically dedicated to a specific issue. A ghostwriter for the Master’s thesis offers you the certainty that it will not fail at this last hurdle.

Schedule: From commissioning the ghostwriter to the finished master’s thesis

To get an overview of what the process looks like, here’s a glimpse into the work of a ghostwriter creating your master’s thesis:

Theme & Exposé

Close coordination with the lecturer is essential, based on this a topic has to be chosen and an exposé has to be created. We will gladly submit you suggested topics or work based on your topic. Only after the release of the synopsis is it really going to work, the ghostwriter starts writing his master’s thesis.

Creation of the master thesis

Only experienced, experienced and proven ghostwriters work for us to write your master’s thesis according to scientific standards and contemporary sources. Lean back and get periodic accurate reports to be informed about the intermediate status. Of course, the ghostwriter is always available for questions when writing the master’s thesis.

Delivery of the master thesis by the ghostwriter

We know that there are deadlines and deadlines that must be adhered to. Modern organization and work management at Akademix ensures that these deadlines are met; you receive a reliable delivery date from the ghostwriter of your master’s thesis. We deliver the finished work on time in the form of a holistically formatted Word document. Learn more about what’s included in the delivery here (LINK!).

Inquire now without obligation and free of charge, with a Ghostwriter of Akademix your master thesis will be a complete success!

Now, if you decide to have your master’s thesis written by a ghostwriter, you’re probably interested in the amount you’ll have to pay. Unfortunately, we can not answer you that blanket, because the salaries of our employees are calculated from many different factors. Our price calculator can help you estimate the costs at least roughly. You can pay the amount due by bank transfer or PayPal in three or more installments (a deposit at the beginning, subsequent installment payments and finally a final payment). Also a repayment of the amount in several monthly installments is possible in agreement.

Delivery, scope and contents of the master thesis

Included in the delivery are the actual text and everything else that belongs to a master thesis (ie bibliography, appendix, etc.).

These benefits are included in Ghostwriting for your Master’s thesis

The literature search

We support you from the beginning. Our experienced ghostwriters for master’s theses use only reputable and clichible sources. Depending on whether you want to write your master’s thesis in German or English, the corresponding language will be used. Feel free to send us already found literature digitally.

The creation of the outline

Together with you, we look for the topic or the question of your master’s thesis and then develop a coherent structure. Alternatively, we use your outline proposal. Regardless of which variant you choose, make sure to discuss the structure before writing, with your first and possibly second examiner. Based on the outline, you will gain a first impression of your master thesis.

Writing your master thesis

Many students have difficulties at this point in the process, they lose the thread or have writers who lose valuable time. Our master thesis ghostwriters have years of experience in writing scientific papers and are particularly fast due to this routine. When writing your scientific work, your ghostwriter pays attention to a clear structure and subject-specific vocabulary. Our master thesis ghostwriters attach great importance to objectivity, reliability and validity in terms of research. You receive from us at regular intervals partial deliveries of your master’s thesis, so that you can give early feedback and the master’s thesis meets your requirements and wishes. Do not hesitate to comment. Feedback is always welcome with our ghostwriters. If, due to time constraints, you are not interested in participating in all the work steps, that is not a problem either. You can also have your ghostwriter write the master’s thesis without being involved in the steps involved. Apart from the actual text, we also create the cover page as well as all other necessary directories, such as the list of contents and bibliography and, if necessary, also lists of illustrations and tables.

The editing

After the master thesis has been written and any change requests have been incorporated by you, the master thesis will be proofread. This ensures consistency of language and content.

The formatting

Naturally, formatting is one of the partial achievements of ghostwriting for the master’s thesis. Our expert ghostwriters will follow your formatting guidelines, which you will receive from your university or college. In the uniformly formatted Master’s thesis it was taken for granted to use a uniform citation, such as Chicago or Harvard.

Plagiarism check Master thesis

On request, we also carry out a free plagiarism check on request. Even if such a control is not really necessary for our ghostwriters, we are pleased to offer you a plagiarism check as an additional service or confirmation of the quality of our services. So you have the one hundred percent certainty that your Ghostwriting Master’s thesis is unique. As proof, you will receive from us a detailed plagiarism report, which you can easily understand.