You want to have your bachelor thesis written by a ghostwriter? Our academic ghostwriters create a completely finished template for your scientific bachelor thesis – exactly to your specifications and wishes.

Each of our works is unique and will be completely re-written for you personally. No templates, no phrases, no plagiarism!

Ghostwriters for Bachelor Theses: For whom are they suitable?

You are in a state of progress during your studies and you only need to pass the bachelor thesis for a successful completion? Especially before this last hurdle, many have scary respect and their mastery may seem almost impossible to many. In the final thesis you usually get a lot of pressure and would like to achieve a very good result. The Ghostwriters for Bachelor Theses from Akademix take the pressure off you and spare you this extremely stressful, final phase of your studies. From humanities to economics to social science theses: We have the right ghostwriter for bachelor theses from any field! At least a university degree is one of the prerequisites for being able to write for us. In addition to bachelor theses, our competent ghostwriters also produce master theses – by the way, you can also find the right ghostwriter for upcoming presentations here.

Ghostwriter for Bachelor Theses: Prices and Payment Options

As a general rule, the price of each bachelor thesis must be calculated individually and can not be stated as a flat rate, as it depends on many different factors (such as the scientific field and the scope of the thesis). Our Price Calculator will help you get an initial, rough idea of what the costs will be for you if you hire a ghostwriter for your bachelor thesis at Akademix. See our Prizes category for more detailed information on how our ghostwriters’ fees are for bachelor theses. Just contact us without obligation, we will gladly make you a free quote for your request and give you a precise fixed price for the writing of your scientific work.

You can pay by bank transfer and via PayPal. Your bachelor thesis ghostwriter’s fee is usually split into three or four payments: a down payment at the beginning, followed by one or more installments (depending on the amount of work), and finally a final balance payment when you have finished the work. Delivered are the finished text and everything else that belongs to a bachelor thesis (bibliography, etc.), in a fully formatted Word document.

In addition, we even offer you a payment in monthly installments, with no additional costs. Because we know how it can sometimes look financially, if you are still a student or student and would like to meet you. If you’re hiring a ghostwriter for your bachelor thesis and want to pay in installments, just let us know – we’ll be happy to explain the exact terms and create a personal payment plan for you.

Delivery, scope and content of the bachelor thesis

Your bachelor thesis will be delivered as a fully formatted and editable Word document.

Of course, the finished document contains everything that belongs to a scientific paper, i. including all required directories (table of contents, list of abbreviations, lists of illustrations and tables, bibliography) and any attachments.

If we got a style sheet or design guidelines from you, the work is formatted according to the specifications.

Of course, external files (for example, SPSS records) are also included. You will receive all documents that were necessary for the preparation of the work.

Plagiarism check Bachelor thesis

On request, we also carry out a free plagiarism check on request. Even if such a control is not really necessary for our ghostwriters, we are pleased to offer you a plagiarism check as an additional service or confirmation of the quality of our services.

So you find the right lecturer for your bachelor thesis

In addition to your ghostwriter, the supervising lecturer of your bachelor thesis is the most important contact person for each student. However, the search for a suitable lecturer is not always easy. First of all, you should read the examination regulations of your respective department to see who can supervise a Bachelor thesis as the first reviewer. As a rule, these may be professors, private or university lecturers, but not academic staff. Not every lecturer is automatically suitable for a care. Even if sympathy and exciting lectures are often a crucial criterion for students, you should also pay attention to other factors. Because the lecturer occupies a central position in your bachelor thesis and has the task of advising you professionally. At the same time he must not lose sight of the goal. An important competence is therefore the ability to communicate. Often, after a first conversation, it shows whether the lecturer is suitable for you. If you feel bad afterwards, you should keep looking.

Are you writing a qualitative or quantitative Bachelor thesis?

Of course, the benefits that you have provided in the course of your studies are not negligible in your final grade. However, the bachelor thesis itself is an important cornerstone for your final grade. In order to be able to work on your research topic in a targeted manner, there are various methods to choose from – these can be described as either qualitative or quantitative. It is important for your ghostwriter to know if you want to write a qualitative or quantitative bachelor thesis. Depending on the field of study and topic of your bachelor thesis, one or the other research method may be more advantageous. Qualitative methods are often preferred in humanities dissertations, while quantitative research methods predominate in the natural and social sciences. In both fields, however, both are conceivable. In the quantitative method, the exact description of behavior in the form of models, contexts and numerical expressions is in the foreground. For example, when you make a statement about how many customers bought a particular product and did not buy it. Data is collected, statistically evaluated and compared. The measurement method of this research method includes standardized surveys, observations, experiments and analyzes. The qualitative method dispenses with hard facts such as statistics and Co. This research method is usually used either when there is little prior knowledge or when complex relationships are to be researched. Here the focus is on observation, analysis of documents, interviews and case studies. Especially through the interview, opinions and statements are raised on specific topics. Of course, if you are not sure which method is right for you, we are happy to help. Your lecturer can also be of great help here.

Help with the evaluation of statistics or interviews from your ghostwriter for the bachelor thesis

In quantitative research in particular, masses of data are often generated that can quickly lose track of things. The evaluation and interpretation is a great challenge for many students. Particularly if one has not gained any or only insufficient experience in statistics, one does not know at first which software is suitable for the evaluation and which evaluation possibilities exist at all. Akademix is there for you so that the extensive analyzes and tables will not give you any sleepless nights. Our experienced statisticians accompany you every step of the way. But the evaluation of expert interviews is not always easy. The evaluation of the qualitative method is expensive and takes a lot of time. In particular, the transcription of the audio files is a very time-consuming step. Akademix helps you transcribe and encode the results. Now rely on a reliable ghostwriter for your bachelor thesis. If necessary, we can help you to ask questions for the interview.

The Benefits of a Ghostwriter for the Bachelor Thesis

The professional requirement for a bachelor thesis is significantly higher than for the smaller term papers written during the first semester. Unlike seminar papers, it is no longer enough to summarize the existing knowledge and opinions of different researchers. In the bachelor thesis, the claim is to set up their own theses, which are underpinned by theories. To make your Bachelor’s thesis a success, Akademix ghostwriters will help you with any questions and challenges. We write, review and optimize your thesis. The bachelor thesis offers the entrance ticket to the Master’s degree or to the profession. A well-graded thesis is an important factor when it comes to entering the profession and earning money as quickly as possible after graduation. The main requirement of the bachelor thesis is to answer a scientific question in consideration of the current state of research. On a scale of mostly 40 to 50 pages, the maturity is demonstrated for in-depth scientific work. This important stage of your training includes analysis of literature and other sources, analysis of results and much more. Our ghostwriters all have an academic education and know all the steps of the job. With a professional ghostwriter, they reliably receive an optimal result.